Insight into customer needs starts with insight into your marketing issue and target group. Each question deserves its own methodology. From online single interviews to in-store intercepts or a live focus group – a lot is possible. We are happy to get to work to answer your question optimally and to provide you with the necessary input for your marketing decision with clear customer insights.


  • Our way of working is thorough, but pragmatic, hands-on and result driven.
  • We are enthusiastic, involved, and passionate about really helping companies move forward. Go the extra mile.
  • We like short lines of communication and transparency.
  • And we love consumers!

Research cases 

Case 1

Effect of communication on customers

Question: what is the effect on customers ‘heads and hearts’ of communication from a Dutch retailer? (TV and radio commercials, online and offline advertisements, folder)

Methodology: qualitative research in 3 phases – starting with single online interviews, for the spontaneous communication awareness, an online assignment for conscious observation of communication and online focus groups (during COVID-19) for an in-depth evaluation of media and messages

Result: learnings for effective use of the media mix and optimization of current media

Case 2

Opportunities for new proposition in fruit and vegetables

Question: what is the potential of a new proposition in fruit and vegetables? Which positioning route is most promising?

Methodology: co-creation with supplier, marketing consultant and visualizer in an iterative process: from 6 propositions, tested in duo interviews, to 3 sharpened propositions tested in focus groups that touch the heart of the target group

Result: a resounding GO for launching a proposition from a consumer perspective and clear preconditions for a promising positioning

Case 3

Shopper journey of confectionery

Question: how do consumers choose sweets in retail and how do they view the sweets on offer?

Methodology: qualitative research in 3 phases with adult candy buyers: online assignment in advance, shop-a-longs in the supermarket and focus groups with natural grouping technique

Result: rich input for the optimal design of the confectionery category and shelf vision, and to act as an expert towards retail partners

Case 4

Customer needs software for personnel and payroll administration

Question: What are fundamental customer needs of accountants and HR managers when purchasing software for personnel and payroll?

Methodology: Online single in-depth interviews

Result: from a one size fits all positioning to optimal, relevant propositions tailored to the needs of the two sub-target groups.


‘In recent years we have used Claro Research several times to carry out qualitative research for us. We are in a market with specific characteristics. We prefer to work with an agency that knows our market and products; from the first research we have worked together, and Claro Research is a fully-fledged sparring partner. This not only makes a difference in the run-up to an investigation, but they can also contribute ideas. We discuss the briefing extensively in advance and determine the set-up together. Good to be able to brainstorm at that stage. The initial briefing often evolves as a result and the goal and research objectives become sharper. I always find it admirable to read how the insights are expressed in the report; hours of conversations are compactly summarized and formulated in a structured way. We are very satisfied with the results every time!’

Perry Schouten, Commercial Business Analyst – Wonderbox