About Barbara

Under the Claro Research label, Barbara has spoken to 1,000s of respondents – consumer and BtB target groups – and written 100s of advisory reports for major A-brand organizations. She knows the customer like no other.

With her 25 years of research experience in food, retail, finance, mobile, care, gift boxes, NGOs and government, Barbara Stephanus also helps others to better understand their target group. To learn to think from the customer’s point of view and not for the customer. To deepen interview skills. In GOOD QUESTION, her love for the research profession and training come together.

“My WHY is learning to understand customer wishes and needs. Listening, asking, asking again, and then puzzling with all the reactions and insights to arrive at clear strategic and tactical advice. Advice from which marketers and policy makers can get inspiration and tools. Energy to make decisions that make their customers happy.”


‘In recent years we have used Claro Research several times to carry out qualitative research for us. We are in a market with specific characteristics. We prefer to work with an agency that knows our market and products; from the first research we have worked together, and Claro Research is a fully-fledged sparring partner. This not only makes a difference in the run-up to an investigation, but they can also contribute ideas. We discuss the briefing extensively in advance and determine the set-up together. Good to be able to brainstorm at that stage. The initial briefing often evolves as a result and the goal and research objectives become sharper. I always find it admirable to read how the insights are expressed in the report; hours of conversations are compactly summarized and formulated in a structured way. We are very satisfied with the results every time!’

Perry Schouten, Commercial Business Analyst – Wonderbox